Hi! I’m Kayla, and I’d like to help you lose weight, increase your energy, and get healthy!

Basically, I want you to have the transformation I have! I’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, I have steady physical and mental energy, my mind is clear, my blood sugars are great, and best of all, I know why these things are happening and how to keep improving.

Like most people who struggle with their weight I’ve managed to lose weight in the past – and promptly gain it all back, grrr. I’ve tried calorie-counting (at least a few times), it just left me hungry and tired. I couldn’t wait to go back to eating more food. I’ve tried low carb-low fat, lost weight without hunger, but my physical and mental energy were sooo low.

So what’s the answer?

We need to eat in a way that is naturally satisfying and provides lasting energy for both our bodies and minds. We should be able to eat until we’re full and then go hours before we have to think about eating again, without feeling tired or hangry.