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Are you tired of losing and regaining the same 30-40 pounds (or more) over and over?
I was.

Are you tired of counting calories or points or macros?
I was.

Are you tired of being told to eat less and move more?
I was.

Would you like to have more energy?
I do!

Would you like to learn how to nourish your body, lose weight, and lower your blood sugars, while eating delicious, satisfying food?
I know how!

Would you like to have someone in your corner sharing information and providing support and accountability?
I'm there!

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Incidence of diabetes in USA - 2014

What happened?

I’m sure we’ve all seen these infographics, progressively darker colors indicating a growing epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. It’s easy to look at these graphics and feel like there’s no alternative, that for some unknown reason we’re just getting fatter and sicker. But there is hope, really! Let me explain. No, there is …

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Yo-yo No More

So, I’m not at my goal weight, yet. Honestly not sure what my goal weight should be, but probably somewhere around what I weighed starting high school well over 30 years ago. Why am I still so enthusiastic about living a low insulin lifestyle, including a low carb (keto) way of eating and intermittent fasting? …

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Should Type 2 Diabetics go keto?

I think the short answer is, “Yes!”. But why? What is Type 2 Diabetes? Type 2 diabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels are higher than normal. Unlike Type 1 Diabetes where a lack of insulin from the pancreas is the cause of high blood sugars, in Type 2 Diabetes insulin levels are generally …

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